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Electric Motor Testing Equipment Automobile Alternator Performance Testing Platform

Electric Motor Testing Equipment Automobile Alternator Performance Testing Platform

  • High Light

    automatic motor winding machine


    induction motor winding machine

  • Name
    Automobile Alternator Performance Testing Platform
  • Output Voltage
    100 - 1000VAC
  • Insulation Resistance
    1 - 500MΩ
  • Output Frequency
    50Hz / 60Hz
  • Waveform Acquisition
  • Several Tests
    1-9 Times, Continuous
  • Weight
    About 34kg
  • Size
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO / SGS Audit
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Electric Motor Stator Testing Machine is Packed By Wood Box.
  • Delivery Time
    20 - 30 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C
  • Supply Ability
    2pcs / 36 - 45 days

Electric Motor Testing Equipment Automobile Alternator Performance Testing Platform

Electric Motor Testing Equipment Automobile Alternator Performance Testing Platform



This tester is applied to integrated test varieties of compressor stator in refrigerator, air conditioner and heater etc. Its LCD shows all technical data which obtained by industrial control computer, which check and verify the quality of testing stators.
Do auto compensation to ambient temperature.
2 working stations
Systems switch device is made of imported high pressure vacuum steel spring relay
Flash-over test focuses on external slot lead.


(1) Main Technical Information Of Our Product


Function ACW IR IW DCR Reverse Rotation L P-P ACW
AN96951A(F) —— —— —— Optional Optional
AN96951B(F) —— —— Optional Optional
AN96951M(F) Optional Optional
AN969-02071S(F) Stator test bench
AN969-01081B(F) 8 channels connection box
AN969-01161B(F) 16 channels connection box


(2) Description


1. Winding reverse: check if the stator winding is reversed

2. Multi-channel: Provide 8 channels configuration to 2 station mode, 16 channels configuration to single station mode

3. Large ACW capacity: Standard is 3KV/20mA, but can be up to 5Kv/100mA.

4. Large IW capacity: IW is improved to 0.1uF storage capacitor, stronger identification

5. Modify ACW mode: Case Hight voltage, wire high voltage and phase to phase mode

(3) Machine Main Characteristic


A station detects: vacuum between turns, voltage, insulation resistance, anti-embedded magnetic field rotation, once wiring complete all the testing;
Accurate and reliable: DSP technology, 14-bit, high-precision 16-bit AD converter, test consistency, repeatability and stability;
High speed and efficiency: all the testing process consists of a high-performance processing core of control, no multi-processor communications, high-speed production to meet the needs of the beat;
High integration: Cabinets beautiful atmosphere, compact structure, rational use of space, the components are integrated inside the cabinet, to avoid the piping, wiring connection problems caused by multi-machine combination, to maximize reduce equipment footprint, reduce staff travel distance and reduce Labor intensity.
Security is good: hand operation start button design, high sensitivity safety light curtain protection, effective protection of the operator and other personnel from mechanical damage and damage to high-voltage electric shock;
Vacuum generator speed: duplex test, each station is equipped with separate high-speed vacuum generator, vacuum gauge, a stator routine testing can be performed simultaneously with the vacuum generator, improve test beats, under pressure -60kpa 4-speed motor stator typical test time ≤10 seconds;


(4) Advantage

USB Data Support: Support U disk import, export model parameters, export test results; when more than one use in a device input model parameters, import through U disk to another device, such that multiple devices at the same time to create a new type of operation easier fast;
Serial Communication Support: Support RS232,485 serial communication, supports serial bar code scanner to read the data;
Easy maintenance: modular hardware design, the boot program self-diagnosis fault module can be 10 minutes quick fix; you can add or replace cards for device model upgrades, pneumatic components can be individually controlled movement, easy to debug and maintenance;


(5)Production Line Profile


With good service, professional team and reliable quality, SMT provide customer with different kinds of AC motor, DC motor,BLDC motor manufacturing technical consulting service and Turn-key projecting service, including the motor cost evaluation, manufacturing know-how, staff training,and complete turn-key project.


(6)About Us


Suzhou Smart motor Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is one of the high-tech key enterprises which specialize in designing, producing and selling motor manufacturing equipments in China. The company now has nearly 150 employees, including more than 30 engineers and technicians, with the building area about 20,000 square meters and a hundred sets of advanced production and test equipments. It is now qualified for designing and manufacturing full production line (starts from coil winding to final forming of a stator) for AC motors such as home appliance motor, industrial medium and small motors, pump motor, rolling door motor and automobile motor etc. In 2012, SMT passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.